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5 Steps to Picking the Right Golf Balls

To play golf, one has to have the right golf equipment and among these are golf balls. While it is true that a golfer must have good golf clubs and fashionable attire, he shouldn’t forget the balls. Because there are a lot of golf ball kinds available, it is somewhat confusing to select the right kind of golf ball. But there is an organized way of finding the right golf ball and the selection process isn’t as complicated as many would think. Here a short step by step guide to picking the right golf ball for you.

Step 1: Pick a golf ball best suited to your golf skills

ballAssess first your golf skills before buying a golf ball. An advanced and expensive golf ball seems quite attractive, but you might not be ready to use it. If you’re just starting to play golf, it is suggested that you find a durable golf ball that could travel long distances. On the other hand, if you’re already an adept and skilled golfer, you could choose to buy a golf ball that gives you better control over your shots. Likewise, if you are a low handicap player, you can probably select not so durable balls as you are expected to hit the balls at ease without damaging them.

Step 2: Select a golf ball based on its construction type

Due to technological advancements, golf ball manufacturers have been able to produce various types of balls targeted at different player preferences and skills. But generally, there are three main types. For beginners, two-piece balls are suggested since these balls can travel long distances. Three-piece balls, on the other hand, are better suited for golfers who have more experience in golf since these balls are easier to control for players skilled in spinning golf balls.

Step 3: Select a golf ball based on its compression rating

In a nutshell, the compression rating of a golf ball tells of how much compressed or squished it is when it is hit by a golf club. A hard golf ball has a greater compression rating than a soft one. A golf ball with a compression rate of 70 or 80 has a low compression rate and is great for novice players since they can travel slightly further when hit. These balls are also intended for those who swing with low speed. On the other hand, golf balls with high compression ratings, which range above 90, are best suited for advanced players who are also low handicapped golfers and can swing with high speed.

Step 4: Do an overall assessment of your plays

This step is a general assessment of how you play and what you think is lacking in your games. Before choosing a golf ball, you should first determine the aspects of your play which you need to improve on. For instance, if you notice that you are usually 10 to 15 yards short of the area you’re targeting, you might have to buy a golf ball suited for long distances.

Step 5: Compare golf ball prices

This step is optional though it wouldn’t hurt to try to save some money on golf balls. While it is a fact that golf could be fairly expensive, you can still save money on golf balls. By comparing prices of the available balls on the golf sport stores, you can pick good balls for an affordable price. If you’re new to the golf course and you think that you will lose a couple of balls on the field, it might be smart to buy cheaper balls. Likewise, if you are hard saver, try buying recycled golf balls. Some of these balls are almost as good as the new ones.

Choosing the right golf ball could be a complicated process. Luckily, with these easy steps, you can select the appropriate golf balls for you with less hassle, saving you time and money as well as allowing you to be at the best of your golf games.

Three Guidelines to Follow When Purchasing Golf Shirts

For those who are planning to purchase some shirts to put on when actively playing golf, they need to understand that they just cannot wear whatever they like on the golf course. Just like in any other kind of sport, it is essential to wear the proper attire for golf. Golf shirts are probably not as necessary as the golf clubs or balls, but nonetheless they are an element of the golf game and culture – and everybody ought to value that. Proper golf attire can make the players feel confident about themselves and allow a psychological advantage over the other players.

When a certain player wears great golf attire, the audience will understand that the player values golf and takes the sport seriously. Reciprocally, they are going to respect the player as well. In contrast, when the player puts on an improper shirt on the golf course, he may only instill a negative image of himself in the audience’s mind. More than that, inappropriate cloth will only make the player feel uncomfortable on the golf course. For that reason, it is vital to keep the following guidelines in mind when purchasing a shirt for the game of golf.

1. Rules

Golf ShirtsThe players must always be aware of the rules implemented in the golf course where they play on a regular basis. These days, golf clubs may tend to become lenient in their application of clothing rules, allowing players to be fashionable and giving them the liberty to wear whatever they prefer. Yet, there remain some policies that ought to be respected. With this, the proper knowledge about the rules and regulations will help to steer clear of any possible humiliation on the golf course.

2. Comfort

This guideline has nothing to do with the culture or social manners in playing golf. Rather, it is about how golf shirts affect or impact the game. Indeed, even the outfit can somehow have an impact on the game depending on what is being worn. Golf player must put on shirts that do not lead to any discomfort while performing the game, especially when swinging the club. The cloth should also be in line with the varying weather conditions at the time and place of the game. For instance, if the game is going to be held in hot places, wearing thick shirts should be the best option. Nowadays, people can find golf shirts that are specifically intended for playing in summer or any warm weather.

3. Personalization

It is also possible to exhibit one’s creativity and fashion by putting on personalized golf shirts or one-colored shirts. A lot of golf shops, whether local or online, do print customized golf shirts. It simply promotes the player’s image and character of the golf course, allowing him to feel great and confident about himself. Hopefully, this feeling is going to be carried over to the golf game itself. In addition, by putting on shirts with just a single color could give the player the particular feeling he is after. A popular case in point of this is Tiger Woods. He used to put on a red shirt when playing golf, especially on the last day of every golf tournament.

Hence, the ones mentioned and explained above are the three guidelines that every golf player would be wise to bear in mind whenever he is purchasing a shirt for the game of golf. This is because the outfit that a player wears is also what defines them on the golf course. This means that every player ought to always be mindful and thorough about choosing. More than that, he should also enjoy the fun of deciding on any golf attire.